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ARZ weaves guitar textures of hard-edged distortion, classical fingerstyle technique, crystalline acoustic, intermittent mandolin and banjo, layered against classic Moog and string sounds.Each track seeks to tell a story, akin to a graphic novel -ranging from tales of Lovecraftian eldritch horror, modern sorceries, medieval warfare, to the aftermath of a very strange experiment conducted in Victorian London.Reviews
“Serai is a modern masterpiece of soaring guitar instrumental music that combines rock, jazz and classical…”
–Twentieth Century Guitar Magazine

“It rocks, it swings, and sometimes it just lays back and lets the music whisper. For all this though, it is Steve’s acoustic guitar playing that impresses most, and the man has style and technique to spare.”
–Tom Karr,

“…instrumental neo-prog in the style of YES, GENESIS, RUSH, FOCUS, IQ…Without a doubt the 2 CDs are a pleasure to listen to, with Steve’s musicianship reaching a very high level. Any progfan will love this band…”
–Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter Magazine, The Netherlands

“…it twists and turns blending Hackettonian and Fripperian styles to form a soundtrack to a story told only by the music. Powerful stuff indeed! …Adams manages to keep the listener enthralled and engaged, spinning off on weird tangents…the sheer profundity of musical ideas makes each listen anew…”
–Mark Hughes, Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“Sure technique and inner fire combine in “Spindlehsank” and on the country-tinged “Stomp,” organic showcases for Adam’s astonishing finger and fret skills”….“Combined, the two discs make for a bold but inhabitable journey into a fantastic world where the view is often breathtaking.”
–Lee Williams, Oregonian