The Last Kingdom2008

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Here’s the story…


The Last Kingdom was originally written intended to be a soundtrack for an RPG online computer game. Unfortunately, funding for the project failed to materialize. However, aside from this, good music was produced. I was given full creative license, just a brief description of the locations and moods of the game scenes.

About the songs:

THE LAST KINGDOM—This was the main theme; I wanted it powerful, with an orchestral feel, however still maintaining a strong guitar presence. I personally love the march feel in the beginning and the textured acoustic guitar. I think this was the most exciting piece to write; I was ecstatic at the thought that this work potentially would be heard by thousands of gamers.

MINES OF MORIA– This piece was intended to depict a huge, underground cavern. As the work progressed I couldn’t help but picture Gandalf and crew trudging through Moria. I wanted a mystical feel in the beginning, a sonic description of the caverns indescribable beauty coupled with extreme darkness and ensuing fear.
So in great respect, I humbly dedicated this piece to Tokein’s genius.

WINTERREISE—Named in homage to Franz Schubert’s famous Winterreise. This tune was intended to be heard between adventures when the gamer’s character wandered in search of activity. Originally three minutes long, I was asked to extend it keeping the feel and instrumentation, namely piano, bass, and drums. This almost has a jazz feel to it, however the harmony is not in the jazz idiom.

CROM—I honestly don’t remember what the intent was here. I knew though that I wanted something powerful and barbaric. Named in adoration of the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

SCHOLA MYSTERIUM —“School of Mystery” would be the English equivalent. As the gamer entered the magic shop this tune would be heard. The player could purchase/trade items in the merchants shop. As I composed the piece, it took on a greater aspect than the original game criterion. I pictured a school of wizardry (this predated the Harry Potter craze) more akin to the school fictionalized in Ursula Leguin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. What came out I’m very pleased with as a whole; in retrospect some things I would have changed.

LADY OF THE LAKE—Again, I forget the game intent; I vaguely believe it was a lake that regenerated the life of the player…oh well. Aside from that, I’m very proud of this piece. I’ve always wanted to write works that flow, and emotionally move the listener. The tune does that for me…hopefully a few listeners will have the same experience. As a kid I must have read every Arthurian legend available. I was entranced with tales of his Knights and was especially intrigued by Merlin and Lady of the Lake. Ah, to feel like that again…

BATTLEREALM—The only piece not intended for the game. I wrote this a few years later working with vocalist Martin Edward. The piece may still be released with vocals; however I felt that the work stands on its own as well, and is consistent with the mood and feel of the material from the Last Kingdom. Something told me it belonged…

The Last Kingdom 6:16
Mines of Moria 9:50
Winterreise 8:08
Crom 8:04
Schola Mysterium 17:00
Lady of the Lake 10:52
Battlerealm 12:00